10 ways to make your Spring Clean more effective

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 2nd May 2018

Now is the time of year that people start to think about spring cleaning and sprucing up their homes ready for a fresh start. But it doesn’t just apply to domestic properties – it’s also a great time to give your business premises a spring clean as well. Here are our top 10 ways to make spring cleaning effective for your business:

Clean the windows inside and out

While most window cleaning services will clean the outside of all your building’s windows – it’s easy to forget the inside. But with finger prints, sticky marks, dust and dirt all accumulating on a daily basis, inside windows can get incredibly grubby without us really noticing. So if you are opting for a business spring clean, make sure the inside windows are covered as well as the outside ones.

Guttering and pipes

It’s not just our homes where the guttering and drainpipes get clogged with grass and moss from the roof – the same can happen where you work so make sure you take the time to get all the guttering and drain pipes cleaned and cleared at your business.

Repaint the woodwork

If you have wooden doors, window frames or signage on your business premises, now is a great time of year to give them a good clean and repaint them to bring them back to life. All the wear and tear of the previous year will no doubt have weathered the paint work so think about giving the whole place a new lease of life with a paint retouch.

Empty the kitchen

If you have a kitchen on the premises, this is a great time of year to give this room some much needed cleaning attention. Take a bank holiday weekend out to empty all of the cupboards and fridge, and throw away any chipped or cracked cups or plates, and bin any old food that is past its sell by date.

Then you can give the kitchen a deep clean, including the insides and tops of all the cupboards, defrosting the fridge and freezer, and steam cleaning all the floor and work surfaces. That way you know the place will be germ-free and ready to use.

Steam clean the bathrooms

The bathroom and toilet areas should be being cleaned on a daily basis in a communal business premises, however, now is a great time to give these areas a really deep clean, using a steamer or professional cleaning service, to really get into all of the hard to reach areas where germs could be harbouring.

Clean all the carpets

While the office carpets are regularly vacuumed, all of the mud and debris traipsed in by various colleagues and visitors during the past months will be ground into the fibres, so if you are planning a spring clean, make sure to hire a carpet cleaner or specialist company to come in and clean them all for you.


Offices are notorious for becoming piled up with paper, folders and notepads so spring cleaning day is the perfect time to get rid of the boxes of out-of-date leaflets, and piles of paperwork from 10 years ago which are not needed and are simply taking up room.


Once you have decluttered you will be surprised at the amount of dust and debris hidden on book shelves, shelving units and desks so make sure you do a thorough dusting around the office after moving items ready to discard.

Keyboards and telephones

These are the two items in any office which can harbour more germs, food debris and bacteria than any other place, yet probably get cleaned the least often. Make sure to include a keyboard and handset cleaning in your spring clean routine to help your staff steer clear of potentially harmful germs and bacteria.

Restock the cleaning cupboard

Make sure you have plenty of surface cleaner, disposable anti-bacterial wipes, bin liners and air fresheners in your cleaning stock cupboard. Also stock up on things like washing up liquid and disposable hand towels for the office, so you can clean up any spills and problems, as well as providing the facility for staff to wash up and wash their hands.

Whether you spring clean your own office, or employ professional cleaners to do it for you, there are plenty of extra elements you can include to help keep your working environment bacteria and bug free.



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