Anybody Can Clean as a Profession?

Author: Fiona Service   |   Date: 4th May 2021

We all do it at home? So, it should be easy?If you want to be successful as a professional cleaner, your standards must be high, you must have clear and productive procedures in place and you must consider health and safety for yourself, your staff, and your clients.

Here at Moores Cleaning Services all our cleaning colleagues are fully trained and given clear procedures and health and safety guidelines. We also ensure that they are given appropriate equipment to achieve all of the targets.

It is important to note that everything must be cleaned.  It is not just wiping surfaces and flinging the vacuum around. Doors, furniture, light fittings, picture frames, radiators, pipes under sinks, walls, bins, and door handles to name a few. It is amazing how many things need attention and without set guidelines, the job wouldn’t be done well enough to be considered a professional clean.

The process of cleaning is also different from your general housecleaning, especially in today’s climate.  To ensure the highest level of hygiene appropriate products, separate cloths and buckets for different areas are required to avoid cross contamination.

Another thing that we take seriously at Moores is the health and safety of our cleaning colleagues.  It might be okay to climb on the sofa at home to dust the light fittings, but it is not appropriate in a professional setting.  We provide all staff with high level cleaning tools; we train them on all products used and we also ensure they use all electrical equipment correctly.

Phew!!!  It’s a lot to remember and a bit more detailed than you thought?  But luckily, we have been doing this for years and we ensure our cleaning colleagues know exactly what to do.

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