Author: Nick Butt

Nightmare tenants – 7 things to look for after they have gone

Author: Nick Butt   |   Date: 14th June 2018

One of the worst fears of all landlords – both for private and business dwellings – is having to deal with nightmare tenants who won’t pay their rent or refuse to leave the premises. But what can be even worse is discovering what they have left behind them once they do leave. Here are seven key things to look out for once your nightmare tenant has finally vacated your property:

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Staff sickness issues – 7 ways to improve office hygiene

Author: Nick Butt   |   Date: 13th March 2018

When working in an office it is unfortunately often the case that when one person catches a cold or sickness bug, it quickly spreads around the rest of the staff, and having lots of people off sick can have a profound impact on a business – as well as the health of the staff.

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Why clean door handles make a difference to your workforce

Author: Nick Butt   |   Date: 14th December 2017

There is nothing more off-putting than sitting at work surrounded by other people coughing and sneezing during cold and flu season so at this time of year, an effective cleaning routine is more important than ever – and it might surprise you to learn where the germs are lurking in your office.

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