Bank holidays – time for an office clear out?

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 14th May 2019

With two bank holidays in May and the weather getting warmer it’s the perfect time to freshen up your office and your mindset with an office clear out! Whether your office is occupied by three people or thirty, making it a team exercise is a great way to make an impact to your shared working environment and encourage everyone to take pride in their workspace.

There are some really quick and easy ways for you to make a difference to your office.


Take a look around and tidy up any paper lying around, whether that’s sorting out the in trays, clearing out unwanted papers and recycling them, and making sure the printer paper supplies are tidy. These are often just stacked up or open paper packets left around, and making them tidy can very quickly clear some space.


Do a washing up run! It’s so easy when you’re busy to leave your lunch plates at the end of the desk, leave the biscuit packet open on the tea tray or reuse your coffee cup, but food and drink can cause unwanted smells and encourage bacteria growth if left for too long. Cleaning up all the crockery and storing snacks away will instantly freshen up the look of your office.


Don’t forget that eating, drinking and working at your desk all day means there’s often little room for proper cleaning of your work surface, phone or keyboard. While you’re having a clearing out use a spray or disinfectant wipe over everything you touch to make sure your workspace stays clean and fresh.

Just 30 minutes a day

It doesn’t have to take all day – if everyone spent just 30 minutes and shared out the tasks you can very quickly make a big difference. Tidying up, wiping down desks and organising the stationary cupboard can be quick tasks that all together make your office a much brighter place to work.

If you’d like to consider a deep clean for your office, it’s a good idea to consult the professionals, and at Moores Cleaning we pride ourselves on our excellent service and expertise. Call us to talk through your requirements today.

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