Five common areas germs lurk – and it’s not where you might think!

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 18th October 2019

Even with regular cleaning, your work environment can be a hotbed for germs with so many people coming in and out every day, so it’s important to know the high-risk areas. At this time of year, more of us suffer with coughs, colds and viruses, and these can be easily spread without good hygiene practices in place. Let’s look at the top five most common areas for germs in the workplace.

Five common areas germs lurk - and it's not where you might think!

On the desk

Desks are an ideal and common area for germs to lurk, and even if you take lunch breaks elsewhere, chances are you might snack at the desk during the day. Crumbs and debris can collect unseen in your keyboard and this gives bacteria the opportunity to develop. The computer mouse is another spot for germs because it is handled so often. Regular cleaning of everything on your desk and scheduled deep cleaning will help keep your workspace fresh.


Chances are that the phones in your office are used by many different people, but even if they aren’t, they can still be a popular area for germs to hide. Touching the phone and buttons transfers tiny molecules of dirt and food from your hands, and holding the phone close to your mouth can also transfer germs, especially if you’re not well!

The photocopier

Photocopiers are busy areas, not only for people getting their work done but sometimes as a meeting spot for a chat too! As a central point in the office, there are lots of people touching the photocopier and that can lead to a build-up of grime and germs.


Everywhere your hands touch in the toilet is a spot for bacteria to hang around. The door handles, toilet flushes and taps are all handled countless times each day and there’s no knowing where all those hands have been! Although we know to wash our hands after using the toilet, people can still come into the room with invisible dirt on their hands.


The risks in the toilets are the same for the kitchen – handles. Think of how many times people might open the fridge, cupboards, pick up a kettle or open the microwave in the kitchen – will they all have clean hands? Scheduled deep cleaning with a professional company that knows to pay attention to these busy areas will make sure the risk of spreading germs is kept to a minimum.

The reality is that germs are everywhere in our daily lives, and although we can live with them to a degree they can’t be left unchecked. Regular cleaning of your work area is important, as well as deep cleaning periodically too. Not only will it maintain a pleasant space to work in but it will help keep your staff healthy and happy too. If you want to know how Moores Cleaning can help keep your office clean, get in touch today.

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