Get ready for winter with a deep cleaning service

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 20th September 2019

Right now we are still enjoying the heady sunshine days of summer, with longer and lighter evenings and fans to keep cool in the office, but winter is slowly approaching. This is a great time to start thinking about preparing your workspace for the colder months and booking a deep cleaning service.

Offices are harder to keep clean in winter with colder temperatures bringing more rain, ice and snow on people’s shoes, which gets walked through your office. There is also a greater risk of germs and people becoming ill, so cleaning ahead of time will help keep your business as clean, fresh and healthy as possible – whatever the weather! Now is a great time to get ready for winter with a deep cleaning service.

Keep the germs at bay

Disinfecting shared spaces will help to get rid of germs that can spread coughs, colds and flu. Tables, desks, phones and especially keyboards are great places for lurking bacteria and should be well cleaned with antibacterial products. A study by consumer group Which? found that keyboards can be up to five times dirtier than a toilet seat, and with many people eating lunch or snacks over their desks the keyboard can collect crumbs or bacteria from hands that are a joy for germs. 

Dust busting

Over time, dirt and dust will collect in busy office spaces and most often in the vents on electrical systems or computers, so deep cleaning provides the ideal opportunity to spruce up dusty spots around your workspace. 

Deep cleaning your windows

Having natural light in your office space is great for people’s general wellbeing, and even more so when the days are shorter and we tend to arrive at work and leave again in the dark! A thorough window clean will ensure you don’t block out the sun by removing any build-up of dirt and grime. 

Don’t forget the outside

If you are responsible for the outside areas of your office you should also consider having your gutters and drainage systems checked or cleared to reduce the risk of blockages. With the inclement winter weather there is also an increased chance of people slipping on wet or icy surfaces, so clearing pathways and putting down rubber mats is a good idea too. 

Whatever your workspace looks like, at Moores Cleaning we will use our extensive experience to ensure we deep clean every aspect, leaving you with a bright office that’s a great place to work and is also ready for winter. Call today for a quote, on 01264 362378.

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