Half-Term – the perfect time for a school deep clean

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 14th May 2018

With the May half-term holiday looming on the horizon school staff will no doubt be looking forward to some time off, but it’s also a great time to think about getting the school deep-cleaned, ready to start again in a fresh, hygienic environment for the summer term.

Hundreds of children will mean sticky hands, germs, mud through the carpets and all sorts of other unhygienic practices happening every single day. While daily cleaning will keep the school clean to a certain level, a deep clean will really make a huge difference.

Kitchen areas can build up with grease, crumbs, smears and stains from all the lunches eaten, dropped and rejected over the months and its vital to keep these areas clean for the children’s health but also for catering health and safety standards.

School toilets and bathroom areas can also benefit from a really deep clean every few months and half-term is the ideal opportunity to get in there and make the porcelain shine again.

A deep clean will also ensure that all of the carpets and upholstery are cleaned; removing months’ worth of ground-in mud and other debris, as well as ensuring upholstered chairs are free from accidental stains and other hygiene issues.

Unfortunately a common problem in schools is chewing gum being placed in inappropriate places, including under desks and tables, and behind door handles. A deep clean service will ensure that all chewing gum is removed from around the school making it a pleasant environment to come back to.

Sticky hands, fingers and faces mean the inside of school windows are often as dirty as the outside, so taking the time when the classrooms are empty, to clean all of the insides of the windows, as well as the outside windows, means the children will have a much better view of the outside world when they come back to study.

School floors face a daily battering and scraping from bag straps, football boots, gym kits and hundreds of feet running across them on a daily basis so they can very quickly become tired and worn looking.

A scuffed, worn floor can also harbour germs and bacteria within the cracks, causing potential health problems, not to mention becoming a trip hazard, so it’s important to have regular cleaning and maintenance carried out.

A deep clean can include scrubbing of floors as well as the stripping and sealing of vinyl areas, to ensure the surface remains clean and protected, ready for the next onslaught when the children start back to school again.

With kids running around it’s not very practical to try to carry out routine cleaning of the outside of a school building, which is why half-term is the perfect time to also have all of the outside windows cleaned.

A deep clean will also deal with all other aspects of the outside of the school, including clearing the guttering, cleaning any sign posts and sweeping all of the external areas such as playgrounds, to ensure they are free from litter and debris.

A half-term deep clean will put everyone’s mind at rest, knowing that for teachers and children alike, everyone will be returning to a clean, fresh and hygienic environment in which to learn and work. If you’d like to talk to us about our deep cleaning services, give us a call today.


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