How to spring clean your factory premises

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 20th March 2019

Factories and other industrial units can present logistical difficulties when it comes to keeping the premises and machinery in clean and hygienic order, however, it is as important to keep a factory clean as any other type of workplace.

With spring on the horizon it’s the perfect time to think about holding a deep clean for your factory, creating a fresh and hygienic start to the new season for all of your staff and customers.

Here are few things to consider when it comes to cleaning industrial premises:

1. Stay safe

Safety is paramount so when planning a factory spring clean it has to be in a way that will be safe to all staff and workers so plan the deep clean at a time when all machinery and equipment with moving parts can be safely shut down and switched off.

2. Good communication

Everyone who works within the business needs to be told when the clean will take place, how it might impact them and what to expect. The last thing you want is a whole night shift turning up to work on the night you have decided to close everything down for cleaning.

3. Identify any problem areas

If there are particular areas of the factory that are problematic to access or where there has been an identified dirt build-up then these should be noted and the cleaners should be informed of any noted issue.

4. Does your factory clean require specific skills?

You need to work out what kind of cleaning company will be able to carry out your factory clean. Do you have roof space or high ceilings which need to be reached, or do you have lots of tall windows for example. You need to employ a firm, such as Moores Cleaning, that has the skills to work at height or has specialist equipment to reach high spaces, if needed.

5. Don’t forget the factory floor

The flooring in a factory or industrial unit is in constant use with staff and workers coming in 24 hours a day so when you are planning your spring clean, make sure you don’t forget to include the floor surfaces. If the flooring is particularly worn it could become a trip hazard as well as a hygiene issue so think about replacing it or having it resealed.

6. Industrial standards

If your factory is producing food or pharmaceuticals or any other product where there are strict cleanliness and hygiene standards to be upheld, make sure any cleaning company you work with has expertise in this type of cleaning and understands the requirements which need to be met.


When planning a spring clean for a factory or industrial premises, it’s really important to consider the timing for the business, the specialist skills and knowledge of the professional cleaning company and the standards of cleaning which are required.

Once you have this foundation in place you can start to research the right cleaning company to use, looking at experience and also checking out any online reviews and also personal recommendations from other customers which might be relevant.

If you would like to discuss your industrial cleaning needs with our experts here at Moores, to see how we can help your business then please do give us a call today.

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