Preparing for winter – how to adapt your cleaning regime

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 16th November 2018

As we all start to prepare for winter one of the areas which many people neglect is to adapt the cleaning regime within their office building or commercial premises to meet the challenges which this particular season brings.

It’s not just about all the germs which traditionally get passed around thanks to cold and flu season – although that is an important aspect – but also about tracking in snow, grit and mud all over the building which can impact on hygiene and ruin flooring.

In the winter months it’s more important than ever to increase your cleaning regime as infectious diseases and other germs are very easily transferred. If you are not keeping all shared surface areas, including door knobs, clean then you could end up with all your staff off sick.

Here are a few things which you need to think about more during the winter months when it comes to making sure the workplace is clean and hygienic:

1. Handwashing practices

This is important all year round but takes on particular seriousness in the winter thanks to the spread of cold and flu viruses at this time of year. Make sure all staff know the importance of this and provide them with adequate facilities to regularly wash their hands thoroughly.

2. Keep your building exterior clear

Make sure you have protocols in place to keep the exterior area around your building, including the car park, clean and clear from snow, ice, leaves and mud at all times. Not only will this create a good impression for visitors, it will make driving safer and it will prevent people tracking mud and dirt – and with them bacteria – into the office premises.

3. Keep the floors clean

However hard you work to keep debris and dirt out it will get tracked in on people’s shoes and clothes so make sure you provide matting at all entrances and exits for people to wipe their feet.
Make sure your floors are all regularly swept and vacuumed as well, to prevent any build-up of dirt, debris and snow during the winter – any snow should be cleared up immediately not just due to the slip hazard but because the wet area will provide perfect conditions for mould.

4. Use anti-bacterial cleaning spray regularly

While you can’t get away without having a professional cleaning company like Moores on hand for regular and thorough cleans of all areas, it is a good idea to provide staff with anti-bacterial wipes and spray so that they can also clean their desks, phones, keyboards and any other personal areas which are shared and potentially harbouring bacteria.

5. Clean your air systems

If your office has in-built air and heating ventilation systems you need to make sure these are professionally cleaned so they aren’t just sharing germs and polluted air around and around the office. A professional cleaning company like Moores can advise on how to get this organised.

The winter is a time for germs, mud, debris and all other nasties you can imagine so to keep your office building or work premises healthy it’s time to upgrade your cleaning regime – give us a call at Moores today to find out how we can help.

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