Scaling the outside of an office block – it’s all in a day’s work for our cleaners

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 14th July 2018

When you think of cleaning services, most people would conjure up images of staff in aprons and gloves - cleaning bathrooms and kitchens in office blocks – and that is a vital part of the service.

However, there is a lot more to being a professional cleaner than a bucket and mop these days, thanks to the ever-changing design and size of modern-day commercial buildings. Thanks to skyscrapers and glass-fronted tall office blocks, cleaners are just as likely to be found abseiling, as scrubbing a sink.

High level cleaning is a specialist skill which is much in demand to help keep corporate buildings clean and sparkling, meaning there is an equal demand for high cleaning specialists.

As many buildings are now far too high to access safely with a ladder, cleaning at heights is now also just as likely to involve using rope access and abseil where necessary, after all, it’s not just the windows which get dirty.

As well as windows, it’s also important to consider regular gutter cleaning, no matter how tall your building, which might require cleaning staff trained to use towers as well as scissor and boom lifts.

Clearing gutters is an important building maintenance issue as blocked gutters can cause property damage. A building’s cladding can also get dirty, creating a bad impression on potential clients and making your business look shabby.

Cladding might also need cleaning from height, with specialist washing equipment while ensuring minimal business disruption.

It’s not always the outside of the building which needs cleaning at height skills either. Particular industries need very specialist high level cleaning both inside and outside the building.

Premises such as industrial fabricators, food manufacturers, retail and also leisure facilities often require specialist equipment and chemicals to keep everything safe, clean and hygienic.

Whether cleaning a three-storey building or a thirty-storey building, qualified cleaning staff need the skills to scale heights safely as well as making everything sparkle, and that’s why you need to talk to professional cleaning companies.

Professional specialist high level cleaning services should include the following choices:

  • Traditional Methods
  • Water Fed Pole System
  • Advance Pole Cleaning System
  • Articulated Boom System
  • Abseiling

Here at Moores Cleaning we will work with you to ensure the window cleaning service creates minimal disruption and our professionals work to make sure that even the tallest, most complicated office block is cleaned thoroughly, quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today if you think our specialists could help you.


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