School holidays – book in a school deep clean

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 25th April 2019

While most school staff look forward to a well-earned rest during the school holidays there is no better time than when everyone is away and relaxing to organise a professional deep clean of the school premises.

Spring is traditionally a time of new starts and what better way to welcome everyone back after the holidays than with a completely clean, fresh and hygienic workplace. It helps to motivate the fresh start of a new term, as well as helping to keep everyone healthy.

With the school building is empty it provides the perfect chance for professional cleaners to come in and carry out a deep clean of all surfaces and areas of the school without any disturbance and without affecting day-to-day school activities.

Deep Clean

A deep clean will focus on those areas which might not be carried out during the school’s regular cleaning schedule, for example, deep cleaning of all carpets using carpet cleaning machines, and deep cleaning and resealing of other floor surfaces.

All of the kitchen and dining areas can be thoroughly steam cleaned to remove any grease, food residue and all the tables and chairs can be cleaned and cleared of things like chewing gum or any other issues.

Toilets, changing areas and showers can be deep cleaned to remove lime scale, stains and any issues like clogged shower heads or drain covers can be dealt with making the bathrooms and changing areas much fresher and more hygienic when everyone returns back to school.


Equipment can also be given a special cleaning during a school deep clean including desks, telephones, surfaces and sports equipment, for example, to make the most of the fact that the school is not in use while the cleaning is taking place.

All book shelves can be thoroughly dusted and polished in the classrooms, making it a healthier environment and the inside of all classrooms can be completely and hygienically cleaned ready for the return of the students.

External Clean

It’s not just the inside of the school that can be tackled during a deep clean session. The holiday period can be used to clean up the grounds of any litter and to clear the car parks of any litter or graffiti issues.

The school buildings can also be cleaned with all of the windows given a specialist clean, as well as the external areas like the guttering and fascia. School signs should be clean and in good repair and sports fields can also be cleared of any litter.

Healthy & Hygienic Environment

Using this time to carry out a thorough deep clean of a school premises will help to welcome children and staff back into a healthy and hygienic space and will make it feel like a fresh start to the new term.

A deep clean will also remove and destroy any bacteria or viruses left hanging over from winter, helping to keep everyone fit and healthy and well, meaning lessons can start with a bang from day one.

If you would like to book a deep cleaning for your school premises then why not give our experts at Moores Cleaning a call today and we can talk through your needs and book a date in the diary.

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