Social Housing Cleaning

Cleaning social housing properties comes with its own particular requirements, with a wide variety of property conditions, as well as often requiring a fast turnaround. We help to take the stress and worry away from housing providers.

If there is a fast turnaround needed to allow new tenants to move in, we work very flexibly with our clients to make their properties our priority and allow the new family to move into a new clean home quickly.

The Moores Cleaning team will work on the windows, dusting, woodwork and carpets as well as deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom to remove grease and limescale build-up. If needed the team can also carry out flea treatments on carpets.

We understand the demand for these homes so we endeavour to work hard with our clients to turn them around quickly while maintaining high standards so the new family can be assured of a clean and hygenic new home on moving day.

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