Stadium & Event Cleaning

Our team at Moores Cleaning are able to turn around a 32,000 seater stadium within 4 hours so that it is ready for the next event. If you need specialist stadium or event venue cleaning on a large scale, we have the expertise.

We have a dedicated specialist cleaning team who are regularly looking after venues which host a wide range of sporting and entertainment events, we are experienced and our good work is seen by thousands of people around the world.

At Moores Cleaning, we understand the particular requirements for these type of venues and have put together a package ensuring a smooth and efficient cleaning service, whether it’s for a one-off event or a regular contract.

Stadium cleaning can include a wide variety of cleaning from the concourses, seating areas, changing rooms, hospitality dining rooms, media rooms and the back offices. We are experienced in coping with all of these different types of areas and pride ourselves in getting the venue back to pristine condition as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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