Infection Control (inc. Covid-19)

Moores Cleaning are able to offer a deep cleaning solution that will give your staff and customers the confidence they are returning to a fully sanitised work environment.

Five common areas germs lurk - and it's not where you might think!

Is your workplace safe to return to?

The virucidal vaporisation treatment (fogging) disperses non-toxic, non-corrosive disinfectant into the air killing 99.99% of known viruses, bacteria and fungi including coronavirus.

As a result of the Covid -19 outbreak we have been busy researching and updating the best way we can support our clients going forward.

One of the big ways we can help to support is by changing the daily cleaning products we will be using on our sites. While historically we have always used disinfectants, we feel now is the right time for us to step this up and use Virucidal disinfects in all areas. We feel this will give our clients the best way to safeguard their employees and help to ease concerns about employees returning to work. The use of these chemicals, along with a rigorous cleaning programme will not only help with the fight against the spread of Covid -19 but will also help to protect against the common cold, seasonal flu, and norovirus.

The other key way we can help increase infection control is to increase the frequency of the cleaning of touch points. Door handles, push plates, handrails, lift buttons, toilets and kitchens are the areas that particularly have contact from multiple users and frequent cleaning of these areas will help to prevent the spread of any infection within the workplace.

We are now in a position where we can offer decontamination fogging and sanitisation system, which is best utilised for desktops, walls, floors as well as hard to reach places and sanitary ware. It is the most comprehensive way to kill germs and infections from heavily trafficked equipment and walkways. The vaporisation treatment disperses non-toxic, non-corrosive disinfectant into the air killing 99.9% of known viruses, bacteria and fungi including Corona Virus. This can be a one-off treatment, or we can set a regular fogging schedule for peace of mind.

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