Start the New Year with a deep clean for a hygienic start

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 23rd January 2019

Winter is traditionally the time for many germs and diseases to spread so it’s the perfect time to organise a deep clean of your premises – particularly if you have vulnerable people coming to your building such as the elderly, children or pregnant women.

For places such as care homes, GP surgeries and hospitals, a deep clean might be a necessity after an outbreak of norovirus or C-difficile, however, having regular deep cleans before and during the winter months can help prevent outbreaks to start with.

Book a deep clean in January

January is the perfect time to book a deep clean, whether its of a school or office block to make sure the premises are all clean before everyone comes flooding back after their holidays as it gives cleaners full access without any interruption.

If you run a warehouse or factory a deep clean can get into the areas often neglected by routine cleaning, such as the ceiling and roof spaces, and the ventilation areas where dust and debris can build up and cause problems.

Another reason for having a deep clean at the start of the New Year is to help support your staff’s health by providing them with hygienic fresh premises to come back to after Christmas.

Help reduce staff sickness

Staff sickness at this time of year can be high due to the prevalence of colds and flu viruses, which is why ensuring work places are scrupulously clean and clear of germs is a vital part of your workforce’s defence against ill health.

A deep clean will look after areas of the building which might not otherwise be regularly cleaned including the insides and outsides of all the windows, any grease build-up in kitchen areas, and all of the flooring throughout the building.

It will ensure every surface from the bathroom and kitchen, through to the desks, tables and chairs, floors and ceilings, have been thoroughly cleaned and cleared of germs and nasty bugs, so that when your staff come back in all geared up for a fresh start they will be greeted by a fresh environment as well.

Deep cleans don’t need to be carried out frequently – you should already have a regular professional cleaning regime in place – but every six months while the staff are on holiday, provides a great opportunity for a specialist cleaning crew to come in and give the building the once over.

Starting the New Year fresh and hygienic is a great approach for every business premises, no matter what industry you work in – it will help boost your staff and keep them healthy during the coming winter months, avoiding a large sickness absence bill too.

If you’d like to talk to any of our experts at Moores Cleaning about our deep cleaning services and how it could help your business, please do give us a call today.

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