Summer hygiene hazards – why the warm weather causes problems

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 24th August 2018

Germs and bacteria need warm conditions to spread which is why the increase in temperature in the summer months means we need to be extra vigilant when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. While many sickness bugs are associated with the winter months, the warmth of the summer creates wonderful breeding grounds for bugs too. Here are few areas to watch out for in the summer:

In the office

Hygiene in an office environment is often far lower than we would expect in our own home, with desks, telephones and keyboards being used every single day but often rarely cleaned. The summer months will see bacteria multiplying rapidly on all of this equipment, and transferred to office worker’s hands.

Using a regular office cleaning service to ensure all work surfaces are clean can help, as well as providing anti-bacterial wipes for staff to clean their desk equipment regularly.

Kitchens at work

If you have any kind of communal fridge in the workplace, this should be regularly cleared out and cleaned, with the shelves wiped down and any out of date products thrown away. The kitchen work surfaces should all be cleaned every single day, and any sponges or tea towels used should be regularly cleaned and left to dry.

For a really clean kitchen, organisations should employ the services of a cleaning company, to remove all fears of what might be lurking on the counters. Other areas which should be cleaned regularly are the inside of the microwave and also the dishwasher if you have one.

Communal areas

Any areas of the building where people pass through on a daily basis need to be cleaned every day as well, from door handles, to lift buttons, anywhere that hands touch can become home to germs so to avoid having people off sick, make sure all communal work areas are kept really clean.

Toilets and bathrooms should be cleaned on a regular basis regardless of the season but in the summer it’s important to make sure all surfaces are kept free from bacteria which can grow faster in the warm weather.

Outdoor events

Many businesses like to hold outdoor events for staff including summer parties or barbecues, so it’s important to make sure the outdoor venue is safe and clean – check for any litter, or dirty areas on the outside of the building which might create a bad impression, particularly if you are inviting clients as well. It might pay to have all the windows cleaned before the event, so the building looks pristine for the party.

Always be aware of any catering being carried out in the outside area and make sure all hygiene rules are followed, to avoid poisoning all your guests.

While we all look forward to the warm summer days it’s important to be aware of the potential hygiene hazards posed by the rising temperatures and to be aware of how important a regular, professional cleaning schedule is in the workplace at this time of year.

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