The top five winter bugs you really don’t want to catch

Author: Matt Whatley   |   Date: 12th December 2018

With the cold weather come the bugs, making it more important than ever to keep your workplace clean and hygienic. Unfortunately many of the winter bugs are easily spread and can result in staff sickness, causing problems not only for those who are ill, but for those left behind who have to pick up the extra work.

Here are five of the key nasty winter bugs which you need to avoid:

1. Norovirus

Also known as the winter sickness or vomiting bug, this is a nasty and very infectious condition which can spread like wildfire through an environment which is not regularly cleaned and sanitised. As the name suggests it causes nasty bouts of vomiting and can leave people feeling unwell for a number of days.

Washing hands with soap and cleaning common surfaces regularly with anti-bacterial wipes can help to keep it at bay but if you do have any outbreak, a professional deep clean is the best option to clear it from your offices for good.

2. Flu

The flu virus is another nasty bug which can make people ill for up to two weeks, with fever, chills, aches and pains and is far worse than just having a cold. Flu can also be fatal to some groups of people including the elderly or very young so it is one to keep at bay.

Again, good hygiene and cleaning the whole office on a regular basis can help keep it at bay, and encouraging staff to have a flu jab is also a good policy to help keep the office healthy.

3. Cold

While the common cold is generally not too serious an illness, it can spread very rapidly round an office, particularly as people might feel they are not poorly enough to stay at home. However, a colleague who is constantly sneezing and coughing is rather unpleasant for everyone else in the office, not to mentioning off putting to visitors and clients.

Regular cleaning routines should help to stave off coughs and colds from spreading around the entire office and causing an unpleasant and unhealthy environment.

4. C-difficile

Another particularly nasty bug, this one leads to intense diarrhoea and vomiting and is again, easily spread due to poor hygiene or not washing hands properly after using the bathroom facilities, so increasing your office cleaning routine during the winter months can help to keep the workforce safe from this potential nasty.

4. Salmonella

The winter season is often the time for food and goodies to be brought in and shared around the office, and for office parties so if you are offering up food to your staff in the office or at a party event, make sure it’s all thoroughly cooked, and not left out in a warm environment for any length of time, as well as ensuring the kitchen is thoroughly clean, otherwise salmonella could strike, causing all kinds of sickness issues.

Winter is a common time for bugs and sickness to spread however, increasing your professional cleaning regime with a company like Moores can help to keep the bugs at bay and help to support the health of all your staff, so why not give us a call today.

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