Healthcare Cleaning

As cleaning specialists it is normal for us to clean to CQC standards. Moores Cleaning are best placed to support healthcare facilities subject to CQC inspections. We work with healthcare organisations across the country, including doctors surgeries, dental practices, hospices, health centres and hospitals.

We have a thorough understanding of the requirements for infection control, hygiene and safety in healthcare environments as well as the extra aspects such as patient confidentiality and patient/resident interaction.

At Moores we are fully aware of CQC standards and the clear audit trail required,our cleaning processes are in line with CQC requirements, we have successfully supported many businesses prior to inspection.

Our bespoke cleaning specification provide clear and concise instructions to the hands on cleaning team of what they need to do and how often. This is then mirrored by our audits where site inspections are carried out to monitor the standards to ensure that we can correct any issues we may encounter before it becomes a risk.

Infection control is always at the forefront, our healthcare specialist cleaning operatives aim is to ensure visitors and staff within all healthcare environments are safe from contracting new infections and not spreading any existing infections.

We only ever use products and processes which have been tested and approved to use within these specialist environments, along with a cleaning structure which is monitored and audited regularly.

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